Parent Association

President’s Message

Dear Crossroads Families,

On behalf of the Crossroads Academy Parent Association (PA), welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! I look forward to serving as the PA President this year. At Crossroads Academy, every parent is a valued member of the PA. I hope you will join me in strengthening our school’s community with your participation. No investment is too small to make a difference.

I encourage you to attend the PA’s monthly meetings, listed on the school calendar starting September 2017, to hear the head of school’s monthly PA address, vote on critical issues such as the distribution of fundraising monies in response to faculty petitions, lend support towards organizing events that benefit our school community and often the community-at-large, meet the month’s guest board of trustee member in attendance, and develop strong ties of fellowship with fellow Crossroads parents.

The school relies on our engaged parent community to organize hospitality at educational and social community building events, sponsor parent education opportunities, assist parents in expressing appreciation to faculty and staff, aid faculty in coordinating select classroom, K-8, Lower School (K-5) and/or Upper School (6-8) events, and organize meaningful fundraisers that enable the PA and Head of School to make purchases to enrich the school. The school, with much appreciation, currently relies on PA volunteers to generously organize and run as a fundraiser a lunch program catered by local restaurants. Approximately $6,000 of initiatives were funded by the PA last year, including over $3,000 towards installing a beautiful new kitchen in the Barn basement, block accessories for kindergarten, a bowling kit for PE class, a local children author’s visit, books and ear muffs for the third grade class, improvements to the Middle School history classroom and several items for the Back-to-School Picnic, Family Arts Night, among other things.

2017-2018 PA Officers:

PA President – Gwen Martin
Vice President – Yina Huang
Treasurer –  Jennifer Thomas
Communication Officer – Tara Velozo

I look forward to meeting each of you and working with you to support the Crossroads mission of “Strong Minds, Kind Hearts.”

Gwen Martin