Admissions and Financial Aid FAQs



What is Crossroads Academy looking for in a prospective student?

We are looking for students who exhibit a natural curiosity about the world in which they live, and students who love to learn and to be in the company of others who love to learn. Crossroads students need the ability to focus, work hard, and be an involved member of the community.

Do I need to submit an application for my child before my campus visit?

Submitting an application is not necessary before your visit.

When should I schedule my campus visit?

Individual campus visits are scheduled throughout the year, but are generally held from January through March. We offer Discover the Difference Mornings in early February and early March. Deadline for regular applications is the middle of March. Applications are accepted after this date as space is available.

Does my child have to take a standardized admissions test to enter Crossroads Academy?

No, we do not require a standardized admissions test. We ask for results of standardized tests taken at the current school to be sent to Crossroads. Our admissions process looks closely at the whole child — his or her academic, social, and emotional development. We use observation, class visit, and recommendations to help us understand your child as best as we possibly can.

We administer admissions screenings/testing to all students. Candidates for kindergarten participate in an hour long group screening scheduled in March and April. Candidates for first through third grades visit for the day and can usually be tested during the visitation. Candidates for fourth through eighth grades visit for a day and are asked to return for a one to two hour admissions testing session. The admissions screening consists of tests in reading, reading comprehension, a writing sample, and a math placement test.

We live quite a distance from Crossroads Academy. What sort of transportation is available?

Students come from a radius of fifty miles and from approximately twenty-five Upper Valley towns. We have bus service from Norwich, Hanover, and West Lebanon. In addition, we generate a list of families interested in carpooling.

What world languages are taught at Crossroads Academy?

At Crossroads, world language instruction begins early. History is the backbone of our program, and through history we have many opportunities to expose our students to languages spoken around the world. We seek and implement ways to augment the international component of our program through occasional lessons presented by native speakers. These visitors share cultural connections and expose the students to snippets of the language(s) native to these cultures. Our goals are to support our history program, deepen learning about the cultures studied, increase cultural connections, offer opportunities for cultural/language comparisons, expose the students to samples of the language(s) of the cultures, and inspire in our students the desire to study and learn about the fascinating world of language and culture.

French instruction begins in grade four and extends through grade eight. Crossroads students gain confidence and facility in French through lively class activities. Students acquire a clear sense of French culture while learning the basic structure of the language

While students learn some Greek and Latin roots in the lower grades, Latin instruction begins in earnest in grade six. Latin 6 serves as an introduction to the classical world. This course includes Latin vocabulary as it serves as a foundation for English and an enhanced study of the Latin and Greek cultures.

Students in grades four through eight have the option to take Spanish in lieu of French. Like French instruction, Spanish classes include a variety of engaging activities to support the acquisition of Spanish and an understanding and appreciation of Spanish culture.

Is there a dress code at Crossroads Academy?

Yes, we feel that student attire reflects a sense of self-esteem and concern for others, creating a respectful learning environment. For more information, call the Admissions Office at 603.795.3111.

How does Crossroads Academy differ from a public school?

As a nonprofit institution, Crossroads is guided by its mission and governed by a voluntary board of trustees. Being an independent school, it retains the right to choose its own curriculum that is academically challenging and enriched by the arts.

With teaching assistants in the Lower School and academic grouping in several classes in the Middle School, class sizes tend to be smaller than those in public schools. For more information about independent schools, check out the National Association of Independent schools NAIS or the Independent Schools Associations of Northern New England ISANNE.

Where do students go after graduating from Crossroads Academy?

For a young school, we have an outstanding placement record. About half of our eighth grade graduates go back to their local public school. They often place in the honors sections. Our graduates have been accepted in some of the finest independent secondary schools in the country. The secondary school placement office works closely with all our families to assist in the search and application process for secondary schools.

Is community service required at Crossroads Academy?

Yes, all Crossroads Academy students participate in community service projects in their classrooms. Students in our Lower School learn about stewardship, compassion, and generosity through our Core Virtues Program. Each class seeks to find ways to give back to the school, the local community, and the larger world community. In the Middle School, our character education classes encourage students to participate in community service both at school and at home. The Penny Drive in December raises money for holiday gifts for The Haven, a shelter for families needing temporary housing. Additional projects focus on building a student library in San Jose Villanueva, El Salvador.

Does Crossroads Academy offer financial aid?

Financial aid is available but finite and is always need-based. You can learn more by viewing our Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid section. While Crossroads Academy has a generous financial aid program, the budget is limited and we sometimes receive more requests for aid than we can meet. We encourage families to apply for financial aid only after they have determined that, after considering all of their family resources, they will still be unable to pay the full cost of a Crossroads Academy education.

In addition to Crossroads Academy’s tuition, what extra costs can I expect to pay?

Materials for academic classes (including books, art supplies, etc.) are included in the cost of tuition. Families should expect extra costs from parent-contracted bus service to and from school, the lunch programs, the After-Care Program, and the Middle School end-of-the-year trips.

Does Crossroads Academy provide an after school sports program?

Crossroads offers P3 (Physical Play Program) free to all Crossroads students. Its curriculum has three goals. First, students have the opportunity to enjoy a range of activities designed to move, increase the heart rate, and burn energy after attending classes and before transitioning to late afternoon commitments of homework or family routines. Second, P3 exposes students to a range of fun sports and other activities that they may not otherwise have the chance to learn and enjoy. And third, there is an emphasis on team building, collaboration, and sportsmanship that build upon our Core Virtues Program. Two Crossroads teachers implement the program so there are age-appropriate activities for different groups either in the gym or on our playing fields.

For more formal programs that target a specific sport or activity, our students actively participate in the recreation departments in their local communities. As well, club soccer programs through Dartmouth College, the Ford Sayer Ski Program at the Dartmouth Skiway, and gymnastics, AAU basketball, and ballet offer a host of opportunities for children to participate at all levels of athletic ability.

Will removing my child from our local school remove him/her from the community?

Students at Crossroads Academy come from approximately twenty-five different towns in the Upper Valley. Parents have found that their children are able to join in and participate in the Crossroads community and remain a part of their town community by participating in town recreational activities, religious organizations, and local clubs. About half of our eighth grade graduates go back into their local public schools. They find the transition relatively easy if they have been involved in after school activities in their towns.

At what grade levels are there openings?

We have students enter our community at every grade level. Typical entry level for Lower School is kindergarten and for Middle School is the sixth grade.

What support is offered for our child and family?

There are many ways we support children and families new to the community. In the Lower School, teachers and assistants work closely with each new student and the family to ensure a smooth transition. All teachers offer office hours on Mondays through Thursdays from 3:00-3:30 pm for extra help sessions. Students in the Middle School are assigned an advisor upon entry to Crossroads. Advisors serve as the main contact for families and develop strong relationships with their advisees. Each new family is also assigned a Host Family to help with the transition.