Strong Minds, Kind Hearts
Crossroads Academy is committed to educating students with solid foundations in both academic excellence and character education.
Lower School Curriculum
Our Lower School includes a rich curriculum in core academic subject areas combined with character development.
Strong Minds, Kind Hearts
Our Middle School includes a curriculum designed to prepare students for a rigorous secondary school education and to be responsible and caring members of their communities.
Happy Birthday, Crossroads Academy!
Crossroads was proud to celebrate twenty-five years of Strong Minds, Kind Hearts.
Welcome to Crossroads!
Lower School
Middle School
Happy Birthday, Crossroads!

Weekly Newsletter

* Head’s Note

This month’s Core Virtue is courage. If you were to look up this term in the dictionary, you may read a definition like this one: “The state, quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face fears.” As we prepare students for the many uncertainties of the future, it’s obvious to anyone who works in a school that courage is a key ingredient for learning and many other endeavors, a quality future generations will need to cultivate throughout their lives to make a lasting impact and to help the world become a better place.

Head of School’s Blog on the DailyUV

It is disheartening to learn about the growing list of politicians and celebrities who have been accused of sexual harassment. Rather than serving as positive role models, these individuals may be desensitizing our youth to harmful and offensive acts.

About Crossroads Academy

Crossroads Academy is a coeducational, independent day school in Lyme, NH, serving students from kindergarten through eighth grade.

Latest News

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Upcoming Events

  • Jan 19

    Parents are invited to join us for coffee and refreshments, along with a casual morning conversation about students’ transition to middle school at Crossroads. Dr. Freeberg and I will provide a general overview of curriculum and activities specific to the middle school experience. Traditionally, this has been an event open to students and parents; this year, we plan to include fifth graders in Fast Forward Day in June, so this event is designed for parents.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    When: Friday, 1/19, 8:00
    Where: Lora Robins Library