Discover the Difference

Discover the Difference

Cultivating a love of learning through our Core Knowledge and Core Virtues Programs, our faculty and staff are skilled guides for every student’s educational journey. We are a school that encourages appropriate challenges within an environment filled with joy and passion for learning. Adults at Crossroads value and understand how students think and are motivated to foster self-confidence while fueling inquiry, engagement, and a deeper understanding of the world around us. These high standards for academics and character development are rooted in a shared purpose: Crossroads educators are dedicated to inspiring our students as they actively contribute to civic life and help shape a changing world. Our families choose Crossroads because they want to be part of a community that supports and nurtures the best possible learning environment for their children.

This page is a starting point for exploring the difference of a Crossroads experience.

Marilyn Wanner, Director of Enrollment



At Crossroads Academy, you will find a beautiful 140-acre campus and teaching different from any other school in the area. Crossroads provides independent thinkers with exceptional opportunities to broaden their intellectual horizons, benefit from a small and close-knit learning community, and establish a strong foundation to make a positive difference in the world.

I have been inspired by our students each and every day—evidence that Crossroads attracts children who value the best in themselves and those around them. Put simply, ours is an environment that fosters the development of integrity, personal responsibility, and high academic standards. Children come to our school from a 50-mile radius from a variety of backgrounds and communities. They leave with confidence, a love for learning, and a generous spirit.  Click to continue.

An Introduction to Crossroads Academy

Our Viewbook

For an overview of our program and a reflection of our school’s diversity of strengths and commitment to “Strong Minds, Kind Hearts,” download the Crossroads Academy Viewbook.


Lower School Curriculum

At Crossroads Academy, we believe that even small children are ready to explore big ideas. We know that by doing so they will develop a curiosity about the world around them and a desire to be lifelong learners. We begin by inviting our kindergarteners to explore the seven continents, the human body, and plant anatomy. By Middle School our students are exploring India’s independence from imperial rule, reading great works of literature, and performing complicated scientific experiments with real world applications. Along with instruction in the basics: reading, writing, mathematics, science, history, geography, art and music, our students learn about character.

With an intentional focus to integrate “content and character,” our students develop both “performance traits,” those that support strong performance, and “character traits,” those that support strong, honest, and healthy relationships. Through this approach, our students develop a remarkable balance between mind and heart. Our students have coined the phrase, “Strong Minds, Kind Hearts” to capture the essence of their aspirations. Click to continue.

Program Highlights

  • orig_photo357945_3716839Individualized math placement
  • French & Spanish instruction
  • Training in public speaking
  • String program
  • Coding program
  • Programs & clubs
  • See a list of our annual events, including Shakespeare Day


Middle School Curriculum

Our Middle School curriculum continues with an intentional focus to integrate “content and character” with a rigorous academic program that prepares students for placement in honors-level courses at area high schools and acceptance to private secondary schools and more formalized program of character education, which includes a community service component with local organizations.  Each student is assigned a faculty member as their academic advisor throughout grades 6-8 who provides guidance on not only on academic life, but also any personal or social issues that the student wishes to—and are encouraged to—share. Many students find it helpful to meet with their advisors on a regular basis. This document provides an overview of all the courses in our 8th grade curriculum-further details about specific subject areas are available in the Curriculum Details section below.

Outside of academic coursework, Middle School students can take advantage of the programs and clubs offered during and after school ranging from community service to history films to math and science research. Students who wish to can participate in national-level exams offered in foreign language, mythology, and mathematics. Click here for recent details on our students’ participation in these enriching opportunities. Click to continue.

Program Highlights

Awards and Honors

Our school, faculty, and students have been recognized at the local, state, and national level for excellence in broad range of academic areas and character education. Recent highlights include:

  • Distinction of Honorable Mention as a National School of Character
  • Faculty awards for teaching and mentorship
  • #1 Team in state Mathcounts (grades 6-8) and (grades 3-6) competitions
  • FIRST LEGO League:1st place in New Hampshire for project research
  • Student presentations at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in Washington, D.C. and induction into the American Junior Academy of Science
  • Student essays, poems, and compositions featured and published in: Vermont Public Radio, RETN (Regional Educational Television Network), Young Writers Project, The Voice, Valley News, VT Digger, Winter Tales, Young Writers Project Anthology 7, Cowbird
  • Le Grand Concours National French Contest: 13 silver medalists (85th-90th percentile), 6 gold medalists (95th percentile), 2 platinum medalists (highest score in high school division)
  • National mythology exam: 10 bronze medals, 7 silver medals, 7 gold medals
  • University of Vermont Latin Day (hosted yearly for high school students): 1st place for group Latin poem recitation, 2nd place for skit performance, two 1st place finishes for solo performances

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Mythology examNational Mythology Exam Medalists




National French Exam   National French Contest Medalists





Crossroads Mathcounts Teams StateState Mathcounts Teams

Parent Perspectives

“We love Crossroads because the curriculum addresses the whole child. There is a body of knowledge the students should possess when they leave, and there is a person they’re meant to be: compassionate, aware of the world around them, able to lead when capable and follow when necessary.”

~ Terry Samwick, Lower and Middle School parent

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Student Perspectives

Click here for more student perspectives on their Crossroads experience.

Student Placement

The impact of our mission on the lives of our students is known not only through their personal experiences, but as well is seen in our excellent placement record and in our standardized testing. Our strong and unique program with a personalized placement process successfully prepares students who enter local public high schools to place at the honors level. Graduates who choose to attend independent secondary schools have been accepted at some of the finest schools in the Northeast and beyond. Our students’ standardized test scores as measured by the ERBs in all grades are well above the independent school norms in the core subjects (median scores in key subject areas):

Math: 98th percentile | Reading: 95th percentile | Writing: 95th percentile.

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Congratulations to Our Class of 2017

The graduates of our Class of 2017 will be attending the following high schools:

Hanover High School
Proof School
Rivendell Academy
St. Johnsbury Academy
St. Paul’s School
Thetford Academy