Welcome Alumni

Dear Alumni,

Thanks for visiting the website! There’s a lot going on at Crossroads, and you’ll find links and news about it all right here and on our Facebook page. We especially love hearing from you, about the paths you’ve taken since Crossroads, and we wish you well. If you have any updates you’d like to share, send them to me at peter.tenney@crossroadsacademy.org. Although I’ve retired from the classroom, I’m still here to help the school stay connected with you. With that in mind, I’m always working to improve the school’s database with your most current e-mail, home, and school addresses, so feel free to contact me with those updates and any other news you’d like to share. In addition, many of you are familiar with the alumni reunions we plan each year; any suggestions you may have for such gatherings are also most welcome.

On a more personal note, you may recall times in eighth grade history class that I commented on how well I felt you could write. This, of course, is a skill that was developed mainly in your other classes here, but you’ll be pleased to know that the tradition continues. So, we’d still like to get some writing from you, too! Even though you probably are busy garnering new laurels for your efforts elsewhere, consider taking a moment to pass along some news, a story, a success, or a reflection that we could share with our wider school audience.

My very best to you all!

Peter Tenney
Alumni Coordinator and Archivist