Lower School Curriculum

At Crossroads Academy, we believe that even small children are ready to explore big ideas. We know that by doing so they will develop a curiosity about the world around them and a desire to be lifelong learners. We begin by inviting our kindergarteners to explore the seven continents, the human body, and plant anatomy. By Middle School our students are exploring India’s independence from imperial rule, reading great works of literature, and performing complicated scientific experiments with real world applications. Along with instruction in the basics: reading, writing, mathematics, science, history, geography, art and music, our students learn about character.

With an intentional focus to integrate “content and character,” our students develop both “performance traits,” those that support strong performance, and “character traits,” those that support strong, honest, and healthy relationships. Through this approach, our students develop a remarkable balance between mind and heart. Our students have coined the phrase, “Strong Minds, Kind Hearts” to capture the essence of their aspirations.

The Lower School at Crossroads consists of kindergarten through fifth grade. While “seeing is believing,” and we encourage you to come visit our school to get a better understanding of our mission and curriculum.

Curriculum Details

The curriculum overview sheets below detail the curriculum by grade by subject. Individualized placement in math begins in third grade and students have a choice of studying French or Spanish from fourth grade. Before fourth grade, students are exposed to both French and Spanish in K-3.

Note that beginning in fourth grade, the curriculum overview sheets are outlined by subject area because more subjects are taught by faculty with specific subject matter expertise (e.g. science, history) and students have a choice for language study.

Curriculum Overview Sheets by Grade

Kindergarten: OverviewSpanish | French | Physical Education | Music
1st Grade: OverviewSpanish | French | Physical Education | Music
2nd Grade: OverviewSpanish | French | Physical Education | Music
3rd Grade: OverviewSpanish | French | Physical Education | Music
4th Grade: Overview | Mathematics | Science Spanish | French | Physical Education | Music
5th Grade:  Overview | History | Mathematics | Science | Spanish | French | Physical Education | Music

Curriculum Overview Sheets for Specials

Studio Art