Curriculum Overview

At Crossroads, we believe that young people are ready to think big thoughts. Here kindergarteners explore the continents and learn about famous presidents. First graders fashion marshmallow models of the atom and experiment with changing states of matter, while fifth graders enact a Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream with outstanding oration and humor. Our students are immersed daily in an environment that captures their imaginations, fuels their curiosity, and provides for them an ever growing and integrated knowledge base.

We believe that a fine K-8 education speaks to the minds and hearts of children. It instructs in the basics—in reading, writing, and mathematics and enriches with studies in history, geography, science, literature, art, French, Latin, Spanish, drama, physical education, music, and technology. Into each course of study, our teachers infuse our character education program. At Crossroads, our students are asked to use their gifts for the good of those around them, and they do so through daily actions and through community service. Experienced as a whole, a Crossroads education inspires and encourages children and adolescents alike to be good and well educated people—to think of others and to act with respect, compassion, and generosity.

Our curriculum for the Lower and Middle Schools are based on the premise that there is an important core body of knowledge that the children should learn in key subject areas across grades K through 8 to enrich their academic experience by promoting integrating learning. Our curriculum is integrated within grade across subject areas and across grades. For example, when covering East Asian history in second grade, students will also explore literature and art projects in East Asian history. The curriculum is tightly integrated across grades with each subsequent grade building on content from the previous year. For an overview of key topics covered by subject by grade, click here.

Core Knowledge

At our academic base is the Core Knowledge sequence, a rich and sequenced outline of content in core subject areas that is integrated across grades K through 8. As the first independent school in the United States to use this curriculum outline, Crossroads has matured this sequence into a curriculum. Our curriculum is now in the process of being mapped by our faculty with the hope that our program will be of inspiration and assistance to other schools. You can explore the curriculum in detail for the Lower School (K-5) and for the Middle School (6-8) in this section of the website. To learn about the Core Knowledge sequence, visit the Core Knowledge website. A full overview of Core Knowledge sequence by grade can be found by clicking here.

Core Virtues

At the heart of our character education program, the Core Virtues curriculum inspires our students through cross-cultural examples from great literature. This engaging literature-based character education curriculum was developed at Crossroads by our founding Head and is now used in public and independent schools across the country. You can learn more about the Core Virtues approach at their website. You can learn more about our program in Character Education here.