Parent Perspectives

One of the best ways to get to know our school is to talk to current parents and students. Here is some of what our parents have to say:

Prospective Kindergarten Parent

“We have been struck by how poised, confident, and thoughtful Crossroads students are and how positive their parents are about the program. Crossroads kids have made an impression on us. They are nice, well-mannered, respectful, bright-eyed, and energized.” ~ A parent applying for her child’s kindergarten admission, when asked about why she was interested in Crossroads Academy”

Deb Springhorn, parent of an eighth grader

“My husband and I are products of public education, and I have devoted my professional life thus far to teaching in public high schools. That said, it was actually two of my former students, alumni of Crossroads Academy, who convinced me to send Ariel to their alma mater. I was blown away by what they said about their experiences there: the nurturing of intellectual curiosity, the shared value of academic achievement and the hard work that entails, and the focus on the community elements of the educational experience. Neither Steve nor I have ever second guessed our decision; it was one of the best we have ever made. Ariel has thrived at Crossroads; we have seen our investment pay off in so many ways.”

Kate and Phil Harrison, parent of a fifth grader and two Crossroads graduates

“You just know you have made a good decision about your children’s education when they want to go to school every day. But when your seventh grader bursts into the house to tell you about her plans to play Sir Toby in Twelfth Night, or your first grader describes in detail the amulets she made and placed into her miniature sarcophagus for the Egyptian Museum, or your fourth grader smiles with pride about the final edit of his poem written in the style of Robert Frost, it becomes clear why they would rather shorten a family vacation than miss a day of school. With one child now heading off to College, one applying to High School and one happily engaged in Fifth Grade, each of whom began their education in the Crossroads Academy Kindergarten, we take pride in our decision to give them a Crossroads education. They are confident, industrious and happy young people who don’t shy away from a challenge, and who understand that the decisions one makes in life can make all the difference.”

Katie Robbins, alumni parent

“Crossroads has been such an essential fabric of our lives in every way . . . academically, socially, morally, and yes, financially. It has enriched us as parents and certainly our girls in such meaningful and countless ways for which we feel so incredibly fortunate. Thank you to all who have played a role in this along the way, who have guided our girls step-by-step, and who have overseen their growth from fresh 5-year-olds to maturing young teenagers ready to embrace their high school world ahead. We are so proud of all they have become through their experiences at Crossroads—the values and knowledge and inspiration and warmth and guidance and sense of community and service that you have imparted. These are the real riches of their Crossroads education.”

Elke Konings, parent of a second grader

“. . . this morning’s assembly was yet again such a pleasure to attend, and the 2nd grade state fair is really neat! Ah, just another day among all those wonderful days at Crossroads…. I cannot even begin to explain how happy we are that we have joined the school; from day one, it has been such a success, such a blessing, such a peace of mind.”