Strong Minds, Kind Hearts
Crossroads Academy is committed to educating students with solid foundations in both academic excellence and character education.
Lower School Curriculum
Our Lower School includes a rich curriculum in core academic subject areas combined with character development.
Strong Minds, Kind Hearts
Our Middle School includes a curriculum designed to prepare students for a rigorous secondary school education and to be responsible and caring members of their communities.
Happy Birthday, Crossroads Academy!
Crossroads is proud to celebrate twenty-five years of Strong Minds, Kind Hearts.
Welcome to Crossroads!
Lower School
Middle School
Happy Birthday, Crossroads!

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* Head’s Note

A trustee of the school recently shared that one of his favorite songs is “Honesty” by Billy Joel–the perfect song to reflect on the virtue of the month as we study this quality across our curriculum. When this trustee was looking for a school for his daughter, Mary Beth Klee introduced him to the idea of cultivating honesty and many other Core Virtues along with studying the Core Knowledge curriculum. As he recounted, “That led me directly to the question of which virtues should be taught. Mary Beth was very clear; she said that all of them should be taught, because virtues describe how people should conduct themselves all of the time.”

The trustee also reflected that at times, it may be imperative to not be honest when the truth could harm others. Each of these virtues, in the context of our content-rich curriculum, provide guidance for future actions. In certain cases, being compassionate or acting for a just cause may be more important than being honest. This may help to explain why honesty can be “such a lonely word” as reflected in the song’s lyrics. But as students learn these virtues, we hope to provide the thoughtful yet discerning environment to not only understand their meaning but also their context within our Core Virtues curriculum. And this may lead to better decisions that can benefit those around us.

Crossroads Academy Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Celebration

On October 21, we warmly welcomed Crossroads community members to celebrate twenty-five years of Strong Minds, Kind Hearts!

In September 1991, Crossroads Academy opened its doors–dedicated to the proposition that little people can think big thoughts and have a lot of fun doing it. In its first years as a K-3 day school, Crossroads had 15 students and 5 teachers in the basement of a church. Today, the school’s K-8 program has over 130 students on its beautiful 140-acre campus. Crossroads Academy is a model school with nationally ranked and award-winning students and faculty.

Crossroads proudly celebrated twenty-five years of “Strong Minds and Kind Hearts” with an all-day series of events on our campus. The festivities took place throughout the day with students and faculty participating in community service projects, activities, and games. Then at 4:00 pm, the wider Crossroads community was invited to join us to continue the celebration with a school-wide parade and ringing of our school bell. Afterward, we moved to the gym for our main program, beginning with welcoming remarks and a keynote address by Crossroads founder Dr. Mary Beth Klee. We enjoyed the singing of our new school song “Strong Minds, Kind Hearts,” videotaped and congratulations presentations, and of course, birthday cake! Our celebration concluded with social time and refreshments hosted by the Crossroads Board of Trustees.

Thanks to all who attended and contributed to make our school’s twenty-fifth birthday so memorable!

About Crossroads Academy

Crossroads Academy is a coeducational, independent day school in Lyme, NH, serving students from kindergarten through eighth grade.

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The school community celebrates twenty-five years of Strong Minds, Kind Hearts

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